10 VST Plugins Used By Martin Garrix

Plugins used by martin garrix

List Of VST Plugins Used By Martin Garrix


Plugins used by martin garrixWhy I made a list of plugins used by Martin Garrix?

well, I’m a fan of Garrix since he released his track “Animals”. I’ve been watching his videos and also tried to recreate his tracks etc. He is somebody who you can a learn a lot from. He certainly doesn’t work with any systematic order but the way he uses his skills with the plugins always surprise me. I used to look for plugins he used to use and all the samples he used and was really happy. Now I would like to show you just a 10 of what I found. More for later.

We all know he uses FL Studio and some of you even know his gear but check out below all the 10 software plugins he uses.

1)Sylenth 1 by Lennar Digital

sylenth 1

Sylenth 1, not just Martin Garrix but may well-known guys use it too. When he was demonstrating on how he created “Animals” on a youtube video. It was seen that he had used Sylenth 1.

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2)Fruity Fast LP

Fruity Fast LP

On an interview with future music, It was seen that Martin was using Fruity Fast LP which is a stock plugin in FL Studio.

3)Image Line’s Gross Beat

gross beat image line

Gross Beat is such a powerful plugin. Martin Garrix uses “Gross Beat” for sidechaining instead of using a compressor like the norms. Gross Beat is used by many artists like Draft Punk etc.

4)Massive – Native Instruments


Massive is a synth widely used by many music producers that have a wide variety of sounds. Also, comes with controllers that can be manipulated to get a better sound. Martin said He had bought it on a tweet.

Martin garrix Twitter


Camel Phat, a plugin that Martin Garrix talks about quite a lot. He also added that he had used this plugin on the intro of “Animals”


6)ReFX Nexus

A beautiful plugin that is always on my top list. I think this is an obvious one that we all know Martin uses this. Fortunately, he posted a picture on Instagram of him buying this software.

Instagram Pic of Martin Garrix

7)Synthmaster KV331 Audio

A super powerful all-rounder plugin. This synth is one of Martin Garrix favorite one and also says that he has used it on his singles.

8)iZotope Ozone 5


A Mastering plugin that Martin Garrix use for his tracks. He had mentioned in an interview that he uses this plugin to master the tracks and it would bring life to it.


9)CMT BitCrusher

On the interview with future music where he explains about his track “Animals”, you can see that he uses this plugin.

10) Fruity Reverb 2

On multiple videos including the interview with future music he constantly uses this plugin for the reverb effect.
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This too

So there are the Plugins used by Martin Garrix.

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