About Us

What is ZoomBass?

ZoomBass is a website that we have come up with, to make it easier for music producers who wants free resources like VST plugins, sound samples etc. My name is Karthik and I work for a company that provides Apartments for rent in Bangalore called Homigo

What’s in for me?

We understand that it’s very hard for people to go around and search online to find those free VSTs and free sound samples etc. So we decide to reduce that pain and time taken to search and find for you. That’s what we decided to do, we thought we will do it for you and put it all in one site so that you don’t have to to do.


What’s the catch?

We promise, there is no catch. Download anything you want, browse through the website and take everything that we offer. We just a earn a little bit by those ads you see on the site.


You can contact us through the contact page.