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Tias, another of the islands seven municipalities, includes the islands premier holiday resort of Puerto Del Carmen and boasts a succession of beaches, along its 6km of the southern coastline, separated only by short rocky elements. In this article, we review seven of the best beaches in this area of the island.

Our first of three man-made (and thus ?family-friendly?) beaches in the Puerto del Carmen area is known as the Playa Grande. This is the most central beach and has a magnificent promenade of bars and restaurants running along its kilometre of golden sand (100m wide). The placid waters in this part of the island make it ideal for windsurfing. If you don’t want to use the bars and restaurants, it wasn’t long before a ? beach seller? offers you drink, ices or fresh fruit. One of the most popular beaches on the island, it has lifeguards, showers, changing areas, washrooms, rentals for beds/parasols, boats and water sports equipment. You can get to it by edges (autobus) but I have warned you parking is very limited in this lively part of the island.

Our second beach is known as Barilla (also in the Puerto Del Carmen area), measuring 90m long and 22m wide. It consists of fine golden sand and offers good parking, a scuba diving centre, has a lifeguard present, has first aid on-site and is accessible by guaguas (autobus).

Our third beach is a small cove known as France (also in the Puerto Del Carmen area beside a hotel of the same name), measuring 60 m by 5m and comprising fine toasted sand and calm waters. It is accessible by gas (autobus).

Our fourth beach at Playa de Los bacillus is at the more exclusive end of Puerto Del Carmen. The beach has fine golden sand and forms part of the development known by the same name. It is more than a kilometre long (1,23 m) and 150 m. wide. High tide leaves pools of seawater on its flat surface. It is quieter than the main beaches, but there is still an excellent choice of quality bars and restaurants on hand. When the wind picks up, this beach is popular with windsurfers. Windy on occasions, but with calm waters, it is very popular and offers good windsurfing conditions; it has rentals beds/parasols, excellent parking facilities, signage, boardwalk, a commercial zone, showers, litter bins, has good access for wheelchairs and has first aid and washrooms on hand. You can get to it by images (autobus).

Our fifth beach at Playa de Matagorda, part of the development by the same name has a windy beach measuring 850m and 40m wide, comprising fine golden sand and calm waters, which make it a popular resort for windsurfing, particularly those of limited capability or beginners. Due to its proximity to the airport and the occasional noise from aircraft taking off and landing, it is not as crowded as the other beaches in this area, but it is worth a visit. This beach has rentals for beds/parasols and a variety of water sports on hand. You can get to it by gods (autobus).
Our sixth beach is at Lima and measures 900m long and 50m wide, consisting of fine toasted sand (mix of fine golden sand and small icon, the small lava stones), this is a windy beach with calm waters, again ideal for first-time windsurfers. This is located alongside the Matagorda development and can be reached by guaguas (autobus).

Finally, our seventh beach is a small cove at Pe? a Grande and measures 40m long by 5m wide, consisting of fine white sand (and the odd pebble). Despite its small size, it is a windy beach with calm waters and offers full services including lifeguards, showers, first aid, bars/restaurants, showers, parking and telephones. It also has a small promenade and can be reached by guaguas (autobus).

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