PC Games

5 Big Advantages of PC Games on Demand

Move up to games on demand online for your PC. Start playing within minutes as you stream the game to your desktop. Get the latest and greatest games anywhere in…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Day Job

Timothy Ward lists 5 reasons why you should rush right out and quit your job. humor, jobs, timothy ward Most of us would stop working if we could. We constantly…

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8 Reasons Why You Should Email Me One Dollar

Paypal has made it possible to quickly and easily send money over the Internet. This allows us to pay for all kinds of purchases with a lot less hassle. It…

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A Cialis A Day Keeps The Uncertainty Away

The maker of Cialis will apply to the FDA for approval of a once-a-day version of its ED treatment. The company maintains that a daily dose will allow the benefactor…

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A Deep Look At Soap Operas

You have got to love soap operas. From the intricate plots and finely woven webs of deceit to the depths of schemes, they were, are, and always will be classics….

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Women and Computers

18 Similarities Between Women and Computers

Have you ever wondered in what way are women like the computers we have at home? Here, I show you how. Before you read any further, please note that this…

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Combat Rising Gas Prices

3 Surefire Ways To Combat Rising Gas Prices

I have heard the rumblings of many of you in underlined about the recent spike in gasoline prices. I have tried to help you get through this crisis by generously…

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